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Dan SullyNight Bus 14, 2012



Recovery is key to accepting yourself. Recovery blog. 

One day at a time. You’re getting there.

Our motto is, “Change the world by being yourself” and one of our favorite  Meredith Walker quotations is, “Being yourself is a life long quest.”
We love you, Smarties!

“You shook off my anxiety like a great winter coat in early spring. You took my hand-wringing, my sweaty palms, my rapid heartbeat, my nauseous stomach, my cracked voice. All physical manifestations of the same dumb fear of love. And you took it. You held out your hands and they were so sure, so strong, so stable; they steadied mine when they couldn’t stop shaking.”

(via typewriterdaily)

I really don’t get emotional very often, but when I think about the way that Jesus walked among these broken pieces to show me life, and life to the full, it hits my heart in a way that is unique to unbelievable things. This day makes me feel so much; the idea such a quintessential Being would stoop down to treat me as an equal, to take on my suffering, that idea is what keeps me humble. It’s what keeps me going.


*Puts 1,3-difourylbenzene between teeth*

It’s metafour.